It's Saturday, so no painting the technical building!  Actually it's been exciting to see all the progress the two teams made painting.  Looking forward to finishing the huge room we have been working on and moving to the next room on Monday.  After another delicious breakfast this morning, most of us headed to the open air market in Grand Goave.  We had been told to prepare for what we might think of as chaos and crowds.  Well, there were a LOT of people but I wouldn't call it chaos.  It was a beautiful mosaic of people and produce, commerce and socializing, sights and sounds, wheelbarrows, donkeys and motorcycles competing with shoppers for space on narrow pathways.  It was a wonderful swirl of humanity with many a "Bon swa" (good morning) offered and received.  The Haitian people are so hard working, resourceful, friendly and gracious!  Among the highlights were a visit to the river on the edge of the market, fresh baked bread from the bakery and watching women carry/balance large heavy baskets of goods on their heads.  After stopping at a Haitian "convenience market" for a cold soda, we headed back to Haiti Arise for lunch.  

As if the open air market wasn't enough fun for one day, after lunch we walked through the countryside about a mile and a half to the gorgeous Caribbean Ocean to spend the afternoon at the beach.  The water was warm and beautiful!  Some of us snorkeled, some swam, and a few just hung out on the beach.  Those who wanted to were able to order fresh lobster from a merchant, who then went out on his canoe to his lobster trap, got out live lobsters that were then cooked with garlic and spices and served to them as we sat on the sand.  Eating fresh cooked lobster on a gorgeous Haitian Beach…doesn't get much better than that!  A wonderful relaxing afternoon to contrast with the hustle and bustle of the morning.  We then walked back through the countryside, listening to pigs, cows, goats and chickens along the way.

After a dinner of sausages and potatoes, we headed to the roof, where we reflected on the days' events and how they impacted us.  We also looked forward to our day of worship tomorrow and our plans for a prayer walk in the community after painting on Monday.  God has blessed the people of Haiti with such a wonderful spirit, and we are blessed to experience a slice of life with them.  I can't wait to see what He has in store for us in our remaining week here.  Amy

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