Day 3: we started today bright and early at 6:30 (3:30 AM California time) with our morning team devotional and meeting on the rooftop with a beautiful sunrise. What a fantastic way to start the day - having a devotional and quiet time with Jesus before a day of work. After a wonderful breakfast of pancakes, Laney and I watched the school children arrive on campus for the day. What a sight to see! The Haitian kids are so excited to come to school and are just joyful to be at school - so unlike the mindset of some American schoolchildren. We were soon joined by some of the founder students, who came over to Laney and I and just held our hands and smiled. One boy, probably about 8, came running to me with the biggest grin and just about knocked me off my feet with his enthusiastic hug.  We listened to the preschoolers sing beautiful morning songs while the upper grades raised the flag and sang the anthem - also beautiful to hear. Soon we were on to the major project on campus - painting the technical school. We had such a great time yesterday painting, worshipping, and talking and today was more of the same. Such a fun environment to paint in when it is hot, humid, and the painting seems never ending. We worked all day from about 8:30 to 4:00 painting and then headed in to clean up for dinner. After a cold(!) shower, dinner, and a fantastic rooftop meeting with Pastor Mark and Lisa about Haiti and Haiti Arise, we headed down for some down time - reading, journaling, playing games, and conversation. 
Today, I had a strong sense of belonging here in Haiti and that God sent me here at the perfect time (although I do miss my kids a lot). I feel at "home" here and very welcomed. The food is wonderful and I love the "Haitian time" - a relaxed schedule that means something may begin on time, a half hour early, or a half hour later. It is great to feel not so rushed and that everything is laid back and will happen when it happens. I hope to continue "Haitian time" when I return home. 
Church last night was amazing! I held a four month old baby all through the service and even though the movements were involuntarily, he raised his little arm and hand at almost every hallelujah and praise Jesus! It was overwhelming to see how the Haitian people literally get on their knees and give it all to Jesus - they just lay it all out there, tears and all. It was a great reminder to drop to one's knees and really give it all to Jesus. He already knows - why be embarrassed, ashamed, scared, or too proud to vocalize it up to Jesus? After all, He is waiting to respond to our prayers.  ~ Kelly


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