Father's House Team arrived today from California......



We had great travel from San Francisco to Miami and got a little sleep in the terminal waiting for our flight to Port-au-Prince.  Lise was fortunate to sit next to a woman from Haiti who is a believer and they chatted quite a bit.  Our arrival was very different from last year, that part of the airport is rebuilt and is very modern and clean.  Immigration was a breeze, all of our luggage arrived on the carousel, Pastor Wade (long term missionary) met us inside and helped us through customs and out to the van.  We were so excited and relieved to finally make it to Haiti ARISE campus after the 2 hour drive.  The photo is literally right after we got out, so excuse the bedraggledness!  After unloading 18 suitcases we went on a tour of the two campuses and the goat farm and village.  Randy, the boys and I can not get over how much work has been accomplished in one year!  The technical school exterior is done, windows are in and tile work on the floors is nearly complete.  The children's village has a duplex built and another started, the goat farm has a big wall around it and just awaits gates.  Even though the financial poverty has gone unchanged the Haitian people are joyful and friendly.  By the end of the day we were ready for bed and needed much sleep for the work the next day.
(PS: I am writing this actually on Day 3 due to the difficulty of getting on the internet.) Kelley


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