After an amazing Easter weekend it was time to get back to work! Us Link members tackled the painting of the second room at the Children's Village duplex in the morning. Then after a nice soupy lunch it was back to the Children's Village for the men of the Link team and some members from the Cornerstone team for 3 and a half hours of shovelling gravel and dirt since the bobcat is experiencing technical difficulties :(. The shovelling wasn't all sadness though as it gave a good opportunity for the participants to bond over some strenuous physical labour! Laughs were shared and fun was poked on many occaisions as certain individuals made sure underneath the Hino (the dumptruck) got its share of gravel.

While the shovel fest was taking part the women from the Link team led a women's ministry for the ladies of the church and surrounding community in which Shan(t)ell shared her testimony at the church before they headed down and swam (or bathed for many of the Haitian women) at the Haiti Arise private beach. The men from the church cooked a meal for all 60-ish women involved which they were very thankful for as most of the women are rarely waited on in everyday life. Upon the return from the beach awaited an amazing pot of pulled pork, prepared by Howard, to make sandwhiches for supper! After which us young guns took care of the dish business in record time, with zero help from big Josh AKA "J-Smoove". Whatchu know 'bout dishes!!

It's amazing to see God working in so many different aspects of our lives and especially in the lives of the Haitian people! We feel very blessed to have been given the opportunity to come here and serve God's purpose and thank everyone back home for their support and prayer and ask it be continued as we look to finish strong! Please pray for physical strength as we tackle another concrete pour on wednesday as most if not all bodies are weary. We hope everyone back home is safe and well and we'll see ya'll on thursday!! Except Jason and Donna, still not happy about that /: "Thanks mom", very sarcastically!

Tyson "T-Money" & Josh "Dem Eyebrowz"

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