We had another productive day working in the tech school. both new teams got going today it's kind of interesting being here longer term and seeing teams come in its a different perspective. we had prayer and devotion with the long term missionaries today. It was cool to see and hear how much each of these people loves to serve in Haiti! Haiti Arise is very blessed to have these people for as long as they do. We have been working in the top floor of the tech school hoping by the end of the week to have most, if not all of the trim done and the interior windows in. It is cool to see everything coming together. Tonight we have another church service and it's such a cool thing to be able to come and use practical skills hoping to bless Haiti but Haiti always seems to bless me way more than i could ever bless it! The pour of concrete on the first floor at the childrens village is getting close to being done and the crossroads team has already made a dent in the painting needed to be done in the tech school. It's also cool to see the medical team doing there thing and being able to care for so many people in Grand Goave. I was reminded in today's devotion and prayer time I have lots to look forward to with mine and Kotes family coming and my fiance coming, but God laid it on my heart to be thankful for today because I am right where I need to be so its encouraging to be here and can't wait to get some pictures up to show you all whats going on here! Dakota and I really appreciate your prayers and you are also in ours!