It has been an amazing time down here in Haiti!  What a blessing to celebrate Easter morning with the church at Haiti Arise!  We spent the morning in a very lively and inspiring church service.  Many of us went to Tapion, a children's church a little up the mountain, to spend some time sharing up there.  Lacey and Ashley did some amazing acting (at least Jeremy and I were entertained!) to share a story with the children about loving our neighbour.  After a rousing round of tootsie wootsie led by the team we helped the children with a craft and shared a snack.  I wanted to take the entire front row of children home with me!  What beautiful people we have met!

     This evening we headed into town to Mondy's restaurant and enjoyed the goat and coke special.  If anyone knows a good place in Medicine Hat to pick up some goat let this guy know.  It's been so great getting to know the folks on the team that came out from the Link.  We've got some inside jokes that won't be funny to our friends at home... like "Thanks Mom" and "TCOB".  I'm so impressed with our young guys out here, Jeremy, Tyson and little Josh have consistently worked hard and helped out wherever possible... except on dishes.

     I've been inspired with our entire team.  They've worked very hard to accomplish as much as possible whether pouring concrete, working on sponsorship stuff, painting, teaching or just holding little Haitian babies.  Thanks to all of those back home who have been praying faithfully for us.  We are well, healthy and in good spirits.  We all have some scrapes and bruises and a touch of sun burn but we are in good spirits and we are well.

     Please continue to pray as we make the final push to complete some important projects, especially over at the children's village in our final 3 days out here.  God Bless, Big Josh

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