Hard to believe we left Medicine Hat one week ago today!   It has been an amazing week of working along side the beautiful Haitian people and learning from them.  The internet has been sketchy the last few days so we have been unable to blog....but we have been thinking about our families and church family alot....and we miss you all.  

Yesterday was a down day for us.....as we were just able to experience the Haitian culture by going to the Grand Goave market, shopping in Madanm Lucienne's souvenirs shop and going to the beach and eating fresh lobster!   After a busy week of cement pours, painting, VBS and 3 days of child sponsorship is was a refreshing day.    Last night was the most exciting of all with their being 2 cockroaches and 1 rat in the upstairs dorm area!!  Lots of screaming girls from the Saskatoon team and the Link girls.....well we just hid in our room while the guys took care of the problem......craziness.

Thank you to all our friends and family who have sent us, support us.....and most important pray for us and love us.   We feel so blessed to be here and to be serving Haiti Arise and the Haitians.  Everytime I come here I am reminded about how blessed I am to be healthy, have a job and for my kids Erin & Cole.   Haitians have so little and have many challenges, yet they have abundant joy!   I pray that our whole team can leave with that joy and take it home with us as we continue to serve at home.

Love & Hugs