Hello! Another day has passed in Haiti and we are still loving our time here. We have stayed very busy these last two days! In the mornings half of our team is devoting their time to painting the Tech School and duplexes in the Children's Village. It is really neat to see the progress that both have been making. How cool is it that previous teams from the Link were involved in building the wall of the Children's Village and now we get to see all of the building that is going on inside?! The other half of the team has been working on updating the information for the high school sponsor students. It has been great to interact with these people (although the language barrier makes things interesting at times!) and see the resiliency that they all have. Their answers on the questionnaries are very humbling and at times heartbreaking. In the afternoons our team has been leading VBS for the kids and teenagers. It is amazing to see how much they all care about us and how happy they are. The little kids and even the bigger kids/young adults (teenagers and low 20's) couldn't be happier than to sit down with you and make a little crown craft made of pipe cleaners and a piece of foam. And then not only that, but we saw a ton wearing them when they came back for church tonight. So many of these kids have stolen the hearts of everyone on our team! There are lots of people on the team that have met or reconnected with their sponsor kids which is exciting! Today I (Lacey) met Hilaire, the boy I sponsor, for the first time! I cannot even put into words how happy I was to see him and to let him know that I have been praying for him everyday. He is just one example of how strong and amazing these Haitian people are! I think I can speak for the entire team when I say that one of the best parts of this trip so far has been getting to know the Haitians. 

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers! We will see you in one week!

Love, Brad and Lacey

PS - Brad says hi David, Darlene, Lisa, Clayton & Brian! He misses you all very much!

PPS - Shanny, we love you and miss you tons! (from the rest of the fam!)