This past week was a pretty good week. We got some work done at the children's village and the tech school. We had a couple fairly dry days with sanding door jams in the tech school. We have been trying to get some of it ready for the teams to varnish that come tomorrow! we also had a pretty special friday. It was Roy's birthday so we stopped work for a little bit and went to the children's village for cake and pop. It was really cool to hear how much the Haitians appreciate Roy and what he means to them. It was really exciting getting to share in the celebration!! It has been getting hotter here but luckily we have adapted fairly well to the heat. Tomorrow is an exceptionally exciting day for us, our home church arrives tomorrow with my fiance, our mom and dad, our sister and her fiance. It will be awesome to see them after being away for 31 days. God has been good to us over the past month and we are excited to be joined by the 2 teams. It's hard to believe we only have 11 days left in haiti. We are very encouraged to hear from you who are praying for us and look forward to sharing our stories with you!!

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