It has been a great first week in Haiti for the Thorne crew. It has been interesting seeing the different culture and adapting to it. The Haitian people are so friendly and always have smiles on their faces. It’s awesome to see them at work and see how they can make work fun for themselves and for everyone working with them. I wish I understood the language more so I could communicate with the people. So far the little creole I’ve learned has gone to waste since I panic whenever someone talks to me in a different language. Hopefully after 5 weeks though ill be able to have a little bit of a conversation! We were able to work on a couple jobs so down below are some pictures of a couple things we’ve got to work on so far. 









This is the first children’s duplex that is up. Damen, myself, and another long-term missionary got to do some finishing work and put the interior doors on. It’s quite a bit different installing doors in Haiti than in Canada but it was fun to work on. We are hoping that we can install the doors on the other side next week.   

This is the second duplex going up. Damen and I got to strip and build some of the forms for the footing. On Monday we are going to pour the floor, which again is different than Canada since everything is done by hand!


A couple days ago while walking to the children’s village I asked Damen if there were any donkeys in Haiti. We looked to our right and saw about three of them in the field outside of the children’s village. Today when we looked to see the donkeys we saw this awesome cute baby donkey! So we had to take a picture of it.








We are thankful for having you all pray for us at home and will be putting more pictures up in the future!



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