We had another productive week of work in Haiti! we are just over our half way point in Haiti hard to believe that we've already been here for 3 weeks! the children's village has undergone a bit of change over the past week duplex number one has been painted on the outside and the inside of both units have been primed. there are concrete pads at the back of the homes that were poured on tuesday. THe second duplex is cruising along with roy's guidance! even with lots of work being done roy is sill able to slow down and joke around with the Haitians it's awesome to see. The Haiti Arise grounds have been very quiet for the last couple days we shipped out both teams and 5 long term people on thursday! i really appreciated getting to know each of them and see the blessing each of them was to this organization! we split time in the tech school and children's village this week finishing putting glass on the tech schools main level and now finishing doors and varnishing of the doors in the children's village. not sure what project we are taking on next but whatever it is i'm sure it'll be fun! We are hoping to put a new basketball hoop up sometime whether its a project on our own time or whenever. We have really enjoyed our time here in Haiti it has been great to be a blessing to such an amazing country and also be so blessed spiritually and by the people of Haiti. we really appreciate your prayers and look forward especially to seeing our home church team in less than ten days!!!