It has been another great week in Haiti. Working with all the people at Haiti arise and the Haitians has been awesome. Damen and I were able to work with a couple of Haitians and the one speaks English so we were able to have some good conversations with him. He also has taught us some creole so in a few weeks we should be fluent! We got a lot of work done this week so we thought we would show you some more pictures!



This week we have been in the tech school on the second floor doing some finishing work. We put on the headers and the trim around the doors and installed the interior windows. With all the woodwork and windows it looks really good. This week coming up we will be doing the same thing except on the first floor. 


This is the second duplex in the children’s village. Damen and I haven’t worked on this the past week but we thought the progress they have made in the past week has been awesome! Roy is hoping to get the roof on before we leave too so I might get my Haitian concrete pour!

There is lots of work being done at Haiti Arise so it’s great to be here and see the changes in person. We appreciate all the prayers back home and Damen and I both miss you all!