What a spectacular day!  Our first opportunity as a team to all work together on the same project and what a big undertaking it was.  We began the work day at 8 when we headed to the childrens village to pour the roof on the infants duplex.  Men mixed the cement on the ground and it was then shoveled into 5 gallon pails and passed up a scaffold to the roof.  On the roof, we formed two bucket lines, with the help of several Haitian workers.  Heavy pails of cement were passed person-to-person accross the rebar to the two men pouring the pad.  The empty pails were then passed back along the second line and lowered back to the ground.  There is no telling how many buckets we hoisted today but rest assured it was impressive.  We managed to complete the pour around 4pm and without any significant injuries.  We were blessed to have the day go smoothly with no breakdowns or problems.  And we even enjoyed a breeze as we worked (a rarity in Haiti).  As a team, we enjoyed a sense of united purpose and worked alongside our Haitian friends to accomplish a big goal.  We are tired and will probably feel a bit sore tomorrow, but it is a good kind of tired and we are content. 

We also attended our last church service in Haiti this evening.  It was an evening of singing, dancing, testimonies and preaching from Luke 11:28.  It is beautiful to see these precious people praising God and loving each other so passionately. 

We have all gained so much from our experiences here and we are so thankful for all we have learned from our Haitian brothers and sisters.  Our time here is soon coming to an end, but it has been memorable and life changing.  We may have poured our hearts into our work, but Haiti has worked its way into our hearts!