colossians 3:23- work willingly at whatever you do, as though you are working for the Lord rather than for people.

I read this verse today and it is the attitude we are going into our trip. We got started on work today after a day and a half of relaxation and beach time. We flew in early saturday and had a pretty slack day. sunday we went to church, relaxed at the beach, and went for supper in grand goave! today was a little different we got up and had our first day of work. kotes got a little taste of adapting to the haitian culture. we were planning on hanging doors in the first children's duplex but were waiting on gas for the generator after waiting a little while we put ourselves to work stripping forms for the footings at the second children's duplex. for me it was a good time to get reaquainted with a few of the haitians i have worked alongside on past trips and to introduce them to my brother! we worked at forming for a portion of the morning then got back to working with tim once the generator was going. we hung most of the doors in the duplex but will spend some time tomorrow finishing that up and hopefully varnishing the doors as well. it's pretty quiet here with no short-term teams but we are adapting to life in the Haiti arise complex! we are getting to know the other longer-term team members and are encouraged by how long some of them have served for already! it's cool to see how much some people give up to come serve god in very cool and practical ways!! we appreciate your prayers and look forward to putting some pictures up some time in the near future!