The Haiti Arise site is made up of 3 smaller sights. The main compound which has the staff living quarters,technical school,elementary school,medical clinic and maintainence shop. The second area is for the childrens center and eventual the school will move there. There will be duplexes set up for orphans to be cared for in a family setting, by a Haitian couple. The third section will be a goat farm were goats will be raised to produce cheese and other dairy products.

We have done some work with Roy at the childrens center but mostly we have been at the technical school painting.

The team went on some home visits on Monday. What an experience that was seeing the poverty very close up.

We have been busy all week,Tuesday Thursday and of course Sunday are church. Saturday we went to the market. Anyone who sees this won't complain about Emmanuals parking lot! Note our picture of the donkey 'parking lot' at the market! We toured an orphanage and spent the afternoon at the beach.

I (Lorne) stepped on a thorn bush and cut the skin over my achilles area. I have been rewarded with a painful infection. Good thing there is a nurse here from Nelson. I am on antibiotics and some rest.

God is really working here and the battle is uphill. We know the victory is ours.

Pray for Haiti and pray for us!

Love the Emmanual Haiti Team