Wow! I can't believe we have been here for a week already. In some respects the time has flown by and at other times it seems hard to fatham the life we live in comparison to what is reality here in Haiti.

Irislee and Roy attempted to prepare us for our adventure but quite frankly it has to be experienced to be belived. The poverty is overwelming. As we drove from the crowded noisy busy airport in Port au Prince I was almost brought to tears just looking out the window of our van. A little girl 4 or 5 playing with a plastic bag on a stick. Goats, chickens,dogs and people crowded al together all the way down the main drag. East Hastings magnified and lasting for 50 minutes of driving not just a few blocks.

That was just the drive to Haiti Arise! What a fantastic organization. God is working through the people here. You should see Roy in action! What an inspiration!

This will be continued. Please pray for us and we will update more later.

Love David,Sheldon,Roy,Olive,Irislee and Lorne