Today was a terrific day!  We spent the morning working at our respective tasks, and from time to time enjoyed a slight breeze.  After lunch, we switched things up and hosted our first day of VBS.  We had 63 children attend, ranging from ages 3-14.  It was a wonderful opportunity to interact with the children of Grand Goave, and to practice some very rough Creole.  We sang some Creole songs, then divided into groups for activities.  Adam,Aaron and Rachel hosted games (leaving Adam rather wet).  Marion read a story with the help of her interpreter.  Sheryl, Judith and Kendall did a painting craft with the children. Cam and Kim supervised snack time and almost started a stampede when they got out the bubbles!  When we dismissed, each child was given a Creole New Testament and a small picture booklet about Jesus Love to take home with them.  We will be hosting another VBS tomorrow and expect word of mouth to double our number of children tomorrow. 

After a delicious supper, we carried on to praise and worship service.  It was incredible to watch and engage in a community that worships so passionately.  Almost 2 hours of solid prayer and music, not to mention the dancing! Kendall made several little friends who were quite enchanted by his red hair and freckles.  It was a thoroughly delightful evening, and God was present in every moment.  I even managed to shake off some inhibitions and do a little dancing! And it was exciting to see some of the children bringing the books and Bibles we gave them.   We are a happy and thankful crew this evening.  We praise God for this wonderful day. 

Sheryl Oliver