Alright, so it is Day 3 in Haiti. Most of us are finally getting used to the humidity and the hot sun. We are all tired from the work the day before so we are sleeping past our first alarm...but thankfully we have another one set so we are all up in time to start the day with devotions and an amazing breakfast.

Work is being done all throughout the main compound and the Children's Village. The technical school has many more tiles laid then the day before and there is now paint on the ceilings and walls of some of the rooms. Sand is being sifted and concrete is being poured at the Children's Village and it seems to be coming along quite nicely.

When work was finished this afternoon, a group of 11 or 12 of us went out on visitation. We were able to go to Haitians houses, with an interpreter, and visit with the people. Many of the people told us they were Christians and they had a church to attend already. There was one woman that accepted Christ and, told the group I was with, that she was going to attend church on Sunday. It was amazing to see how open  these people are to accept people coming to their area and letting them talk to them about Christ.

All of the children are very adorable. Whenever you are walking somewhere, they will take your hand and walk with you (you actually have to tell them to go home or they would walk with you for a loooong time). It always puts a smile on my face to see the children giving you a big toothy grin, with mango juice all over their face. Lots of the children want to try on your sunglasses and want you to take their picture. They are so eager to see the picture after you have taken it. It is very cute!

The time here has been a blessing and encouragement to me so far. I look forward to the rest of my time here. Thank you for your prayers!!! I really appreciate them!