After many hours spent on a plane and in airports we are finally in Haiti. :) All members made it through customs and security with no problems. Vernon says this has been the smoothest trip he has been on thus far.  The team arrived in Haiti Today around 12:30 PM.  

Once our flight landed in Port Au Prince we loaded all our luggage into a truck and all 12 team members jumped into the van and we began our journey to the compound.  The traffic down here is different then in Canada. There are many vehicles and they seem to have no traffic rules at all. For many of us this is our first time being in Haiti. I know it was a shock for me and some of the others to see how many of the people are living. I must say we should truly be grateful for what we have in Canada. The trip from the airport was truly an experience and thankfully our drivers got us here safe and sound.

Upon getting to the compound we unloaded our luggage and got shown to our living quarters for the remainder of our stay in Haiti.  After the team did a quick unpack of the items we brought we had a team meeting out by the medical clinic. After the quick meeting we had a tour of the compound. The compound is very beautiful. There are trees, flowers, all kinds of different plants, and some fruits that are growing inside its walls. The compound also has a church building, a school building, a medical clinic, staff and team housing, and a technical school. They are working on putting a work shop for both wood working and mechanical work in the north corner of the grounds. 

After the tour we had supper. The ladies made us a wonderful meal with chicken, rice, pineapple, tomatoes, and more. The whole team was ready to eat we quite enjoyed the meal the ladies prepared for us.

Right after supper we had a team meeting just to talk about what we had seen today and what tomorrow holds. We are all very excited for what the next few days hold. We are all very tired from our trip.  Some of our team is already in bed and I will be headed there soon.

That, I believe, is our first day in Haiti in a quick note.

We miss everyone back home! :) Love ya lots!!

So with that I will say good night from Haiti! :)

Rachel Simmons :)


PS: for Asha--you're my favorite little girl!  hugs and kisses to all the Olivers.  we love and miss you