Today was full full full! WOW God is so good. We began our day with devotions led by none other than the famous TYrone. After some spiritual nutrition, we skipped (yes even the boys skipped) on down the stairs for some breakfast before a laborous morning on the job site. A consensus says that this was the best work morning so far. Everyone worked with Praises on their lips, alongside wonderful Hatian men who are becoming dear friends. We dug trenches and cleared rubble with picks, jack hammers, and shovels. Although we were all pretty jacked before this adventure, we are comin home even more so! 

First Adventure (from Shayla): God chose to show us his incredible healing power. As we were working we noticed a huge red circle on Kaitlyn's leg. She began to feel it and realized her whole leg was going numb. Quickly realizing that the redness was spreading fast we decided to run inside and take some medicine to stop the reaction. As soon as she stood up I could see the hives all over her legs, and she was saying she could feel the numbness moving up her leg quickly! I got her sitting down and she took some medicine but it was only getting worse. As more people came to check, we decided to pray before taking her to the hospital. After we prayed the numbness started to move up into her arm and we were getting pretty concerened. So immediately we began to pray again. This time however, the redness began to go down. Within minutes the swelling, redness and hives weere completely gone! We were able to see that she had been bit, but that didnt matter because she was healed! It was amazing to witness just how fast God healed Kaitlyn, and it is something i will always remember. 

Second Adventure (from Chelsea): it is amazing how fast the days in Haiti speed by. After such an eventful morning in which Kaitlyn was healed (praise God!) we came together as a group to prepare from VBS. We really had no idea what to expect for this afternoon , but we planned the best we could (with the help of Shayla's mom:) and placed the rest in God's hands. And how well does the Lord provide! Everything flowed so smothly from the songs to the skit, crafts and games. We are doing the story of Joseph in three parts and it was so great to see the children loving and getting excited about the skit. Both Kaitlyn and Shayla did an absolutley amazing job at keeping the program running and on track. To see Kaitlyn up front narrating the story and explaining the message afterward with such energy was such a source of wonderment of how amazing our God is and how great are his works.

Third Adventure: right after VBS we had the opportunity to go out and evangilize in the community. We did not really know what to expect as this was was something out of many of our comfort zones. But again God should his faithfulness by opening opportunties to speak with so many of the Haitian people and to bring many of them to Christ. One group had the experience of being called to approach a small shack in a grove of trees. As we were walking past, Brennan stopped and said that we had to go in, his spirit was telling him that there was preayer needed in that place. So we all follewed him in.  As it happened the women and children living there were Christians but needed prayer as the Grandmother was paralysed in one leg and many of the childrn were very sick. Their house which was little other then a shell with tarp walls had als been badly damaged by the past couple of serious thunderstorms. We were all touched by the joy and the hope that this family had regardless of their situation and gladly lifted them up and prayer. Another group was able to speak with an elsderly lady who actually attends the church regularly. She began to show us her shoes and how they had no soles and explain how she has no money for new shoes but that doesnt matter because she God is so good. Then she bean dancing and shouting to God about how Glorious and awesome he is. That in itself was an experience to be apart of. We were able to lead her sister to Christ, and our translator was was amazing, and so passionate to be staring the gospel with us it was really neat. After some more sharing and praying we left down the road. Not even 5 min later we see her runnign after us carrying a watermelon. She presented it to us as a promise frm God. It was so cool to see how even though this lady has nothing, she was willing to give us this watermelon as a promise that God will provide for her and we were an answer to her prayers.

This is just a fraction of th amazing work God did through us today. It was filled with his presence in everyy part of our day and it was a blssing to be apart of.

Shayla and Chelsea