When we left off I believe Kenny and Gasmo were doing the blog, but today you are in the hands of Tyrone and Cassie (but mostly Tyrone tee hee) and believe me, you are in for quite a trip!
Today started off really well, we got to sleep in a little bit and Caleb led us in a great devotion about the will of God on Earth as it is in Heaven. Then off to church! Now, if you want a crazy experience, go to church in Haiti. The passion of these people is beyond amazing, there is no holding back the love and devotion they have for our Lord. We got to sing some songs in Kreole which was my personal highlight. Singing "The God of Israel we adore you" was a great reminder to the fact that we serve a God who is SOOOOO BIG!!! The pastor was also super passionate and spoke a lot of truth into the congregation.
I will now hand it off to Cassie! -T

So today was a great day. I have been looking forward to the church service everyday for the six days that we've been here and it met every expectation that I had and went far beyond. We've attended two prayer services already, they happen in the evenings on Tuesday and Thursday and they have been incredible. The Lord is actively working in this place and it has been fanastic seeing the ways in which the Haitian people worship and so passionately love our God. It is such an inspiration, and so encouraging to see the hope in which they have that our Heavenly Father has so much more to offer them then what they can account for on Earth. Caleb, Kaitlin, Nathan and Brianne all shared in stories and experiences in church this morning and that was a really great experience for them as well as for the Church. We also all gathered at the front and sang the song " Our God is Greater" in English. When we got back to the compound, we heard one of the boys, Kenny, singing the song in English. It was one of the most encouraging things ever. We had tons of people asking us to write lyrics out for them; God is really working in this place. I also had the opportunity to give my Bible away today. One of our many translators, Stevens, speaks great English as well as Kreole, French and Spanish, but has no English Bible, and has found it difficult to find one. It was an incredible feeling being able to share God's Word with another brother in Christ, who serves our Lord from across the ocean. - C

I just finished eating Haitian corn on the cob, BOO YAH!!! So anyway, after church we started preparing for Tapion (which in no way relates to Tapioca sadly) Me (Tyrone) Britt and Kenny were practicing for the skit of David and Goliath. I was Goliath, Kenny was Saul and Britney was David. We practiced it little while the rest of the team learned two songs in Kreole to sing to the kids. Now Tapion is an area about 15 minutes away from the compound at Haiti Arise. A lot of the kids walk up to 45 minutes one way just to get there so that they can attend this children's church. When we got there we were met with about 20-30 kids, already listening to a story about Elisha. Gasmo shared the story of Jesus calling the little children and Chelsea shared her testimony with the kids. Cassie and Bri led the group as we sang "Read your Bible Pray Everday" and "Father Abraham" in Kreole to the kids, and presented our skit. The kids really seemed to enjoy it all. They laughed a lot during the skit and cheered when I (Goliath) was killed. Overall it was a really positive experience and our stories and skits meshed really well with what the leaders were already saying to the kids. The Spirit of God is really moving ahead of us to smooth out the trail for our ministry and we are being told that our ministry is being received well here. We may only be here for a short time, but God is really making our time efficient. -T

We had lasagna for supper and it was soo delicious -we are so blessed with extremely gifted cooks. We then had a great time sharing and pryaing together with our team. The Lord is working so much not only in this community and in the people here but in us aswell and it is so encouraging to see. We only have three days left, but three full days of work and VBS with the children. Tomorrow we are given the opportunity to walk around the community and Evangelize with the Haitian people. We are all a little nervous and feeling unprepared to be sharing the gospel in such an intense atmosphere. Please be praying that the Lord would be preparing our hearts in order that we would be prepared to share His word and present the Gospel in a way that would be glorifying and honoring to the Lord, and would be bringing people closer to the Kingdom of Heaven.  Looking forward to sharing more of our stories with you!  Also, PLEASE be praying for Josh as he is really hurting with two swollen feet, and is in quite a bit of pain. Pray that the Lord would heal him! - C