So we started off today with an amazing pancake breakfast and then headed off to the market. It was Chad's first time ever being to the market in all 5 years he's been here, so we had a bunch of first-timers. we split off into 3 seperate groups and each had our own translator take us through the bakery and around the market. It was crazy hot today and a pretty real experience about how that is the everyday routine for most of the Hatians. We can't imagine sitting outside in that heat all day waiting for someone to buy something. After the market we headed back to the compound to grab some lunch and head off to the beach. As we started to load up the van the thunder rolled in and it started to rain. Thankfully when we got their the clouds let up, but the hot day we had turned into a cool afternoon. It was really good to be able to have a day off in the middle of our week to be able to let loose with the group and have fun. To add some excitement to our day we had a little encounter with a group of local guys, but we had a one of the workers from Haiti Arise with us to interpret and everything was ok in the end. We finished off the night with supper and a few more testimonies and then a good competitive game of dutch blitz. We are all looking forward to this next week full of VBS and more cute kids! Mark and Lisa are gone for their anniversary, but Caleb, Bri, Nathan, and Kait will be sharing and our whole team will be singing for the church tomorrow (lead by the talented Kaitlyn Cey) but minus the lack of sun at the beach, today was an awesome day! We had time to rest our sore bodies, rashes, cankles, and headaches and are ready to start this next week.

Thank you for your prayers!


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