Our last two teams for this school year 2011-2012 are wrapping up their work. We had a great hard working group of 6 from Daystar Christian Assembly that have been a tremendous blessing getting the stairs and forms finished for the tech school. The second story roof got half poured last week, the crews working for two straight days. For the next half, we will not have a crew work through the night, cause we could tell where the crew got tired. Some of the concrete had to be jackhammered out in a small spot. But overall, they worked hard, long and efficiently.The Daystar team is getting ready to head home tomorrow. Roy and Olive Ralph are also wrapping up and saying their good byes. We are sure this will not be their last trip to Haiti ARISE though, so it is really just a "see you later."

The medical team has been flowing well, seeing about 90 patients a day with a team of 5 from the Abbotsford and Chiliwack area through Hungry for Life. You can follow the medical team's blog at the Hungry For Life Blog. There are lots of great pictures of their work and the clinic in operation. It is running so smoothly having clinic in their own building! In teams past, we had always transformed our residence building into a clinic and it was sure busy! But now, the clinic has it's own space and it is so nice!The HFL medical team has another week with us.

So, these are the last two teams for the summer. We will resume team activities again in the fall. Check out our team calendar or contact Kathleen.harrison@haitiarise.org if you are interested in bringing a team to Haiti ARISE!