Well the rooster crowed at around 6:23am this morning for a delightful devotions led by none other that Brennan "beats Caleb at basketball" Gasmo, which started off the day with a refreshing message about God's will for us as individuals and on this trip. Breakfast followed with a delicious pancake meal cooked to perfection by our wonderful cooks led by Luciana (whom i havenever seen not smiling). After breakfast we all got our game faces on and went to work out on the new technical center. Most of the work day was spent sweeping the upstairs and scraping and cleaning the concrete in the downstairs section.  It was a great time working together and the chemistry that we all share as a group is something I have never experienced before in a team setting.  There is a constant flow of encouragment and admiration coming from all the team members and I feel very blessed by them all.  Chad was finally feeling better and got out to work after lunch which was also a very encouraging sign.  His sarcastic and funny demiener where sorely missed by all.  At about 1pm we all headed off to the catholic school in Grand Goave and proceeded to lead a basketball camp for ages 12-20.  What we thought was going to be a structured camp atmosphere turned out to be a rather speratic jumble of craziness, topped off with a beautiful downpour of rain that was actually really refreshing.  Even though the camp was kind of crazy, we all had fun with the kids and enjoyed the time we had to play and shoot some hoops.  Cassie and Josh both shared their testimonies to the kids and they did an amazing job presenting the Gospel to them.  After the camp we went back to the compound and got showered up for church.  Seeing as that i experienced church alst year here i knew what to expect and it was really neat to see that responses for everyone that got to see it for the first time.  Even though we speak a different language and can't understrand most of what goes on, it is a great thing to understand how to worship God in a setting like that.  His love is very evident in that outside, little tin roofed church.  It really has been a rewarding time for me to see this all again.  Life is a crazy thing and to take a step back and experience a crazy of a different sort is very humbling. Anyway, tomorrow is another journey into the unknown and an early morning for us all!