OK... there is really no "team" left on the ground at Haiti Arise as I am flying solo now, but I did have a request to continue the blog! ( via FaceTime with Pastor Mike, Lynelle, and their beautiful secretary, Shanda! It was great to see your smiling faces...made my day!!). It was a bit of a difficult day yesterday as the number of people at the compound dwindled to just a handful after bustling with the activity 30 plus bodies last week. It was quiet!!! But being here without teams does have it's perks....like ice-cream!! That's right, all the way from Port-au-Prince nonetheless! If only we had found some last week to go with the surprise birthday cake Dawn so graciously made me! Today was a good day in other ways too. Rebecca and I have only a few more kids to update for the sponsorship program, though we have a fair bit of computer work to do. And I was able to order a small "herd" of 8 goats for the generous Linkers, who sent money over to purchase the animals for their sponsored children's families. I only hope I will be close by when Kristoff, their shepherd, and Haiti Arise's gardener, leads them down the road!!! To top off the day, we spent a little time at the beach this afternoon. It was me, Rebecca, Olive, Wayne, and a rooster!!! Yup! I will show you the picture when I get back home! LOL! I appreciate your continued prayers for me, and for the people of Haiti. I have met a small child with a family of 11 whose father and brother were killed in the earthquake and whose mother makes a meager income selling mangos...and I have held a young teenage girl as she burst into tears because her Dad didn't know Jesus. The needs and burdens are great here, but in so many ways Haiti Arise is meeting those needs and I continue to be amazed at their vision and God's hand upon this place. Love to all, Tania

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