Our day started off early this morning in Miami. Our flight to Port Au Prince was short and sweet. It was extrememly hot as soon as we arrived. We were able to meet up with our Police Officer who works for Haiti Arise, and were able to make it through the airport smoothly. We took a very long van/bus ride to Grand Grouve. ON our way out of the city we were able to view the extreme poverty and third world conditions in which the Haitians live. We also realized very soon that there are no rules when it comes to driving. Honking your horn is commonly  used pretty much for anything. We ended up waiting on the side of the road with a flat tire, for about an hour, singing karaokee with our Police Officer, and playing hide and seek with children from across the road. Finally made it to the compound, took a tour of the grounds, and had our first meal in Haiti. We ran through orientation tonight, and are preparing for whats to come tomorrow. 

Chad, our fearless leader, is feeling quite sick, due to migrains. Please keep him in your prayers for health, as well as the rest of our team as our adveture begins. 


Cass, Britt and Brianne