Exciting but sad, we are going home tomorrow morning, but leaving our friends and our 2nd home for now. The LORD will open all the doors for anyone to come back who HE has put Haiti on thier hearts! What a beautiful way to end our mission trip to Haiti Arise. This morning Bob, Robert, Wayne, and myself all went over to Pastor Mark & Lisa's house to work on a electrical job, and a Plumbing Job, What a way to be blessed, to be able to serve them both by helping repair their home. After lunch our team took some hygiene kits with us as we walked to the beach. We wanted to evangelis on our way there. We had two translaters with us to help, and at one stop we really needed them both at the same time. there were so many people who wanted prayer for healing and provision, and best of all there was about 8 people who excepted CHRIST! Amen! We stopped at another little gathering of houses prior to this last stop and several people wanted prayer too and 2 people excepted CHRIST, there was another lady that was asked but she said she wasn't ready yet, so we prayed for her too! We had an awesome time at the beach, the water was much calmer this time, and very clear. We did spend a little time picking up jelly fish and throwing them back out to sea. Our translater Jhonny showed me how to do it and we didn't get stung. they were in the water where we wanted to swim. We were picked up by Roy and the mission van when we were finished. We only had a half hour to get ready for church. Pastor Mark led the church in corporate prayer while the worship team played. It was just like being at The Fathers House even though I could not understand i just prayed my own prayers and worshiped. Our last supper here was good as usual. Now we just need to pack and clean up, say our good bye's, and load-up in the morning. We will be home and  see everyone soon!