Well its Monday back to work here in Haiti as well. Robert went to get some Electrical work done at Pastor Mark and Lisa's but parts were missing and then when they came back to get the parts the starter in the vehicle went out. The good news though is he was back for lunch, the work did get completed and the vehicle 's starter will be fixed tomorrow. Multiply that by the 25 plus people here and you can see there are lots of stories to tell that all begin with the caption "Haiti Time". VBS was today it should start at 2pm opps Haiti time is 3pm {Hee Hee}. All is moving along perfectly in Gods timing and He is on the move. The kids had a great time and we look forward to two more days of VBS with them. We prayed for a woman with abdominal pain in the village Saturday and when we saw her today she was smiling and pain free. Praise God He is our Healer. Everyday is new and exciting filled with lots of surprises like the palm size spider on the sound wall in the sanctuary. We love Haiti and so does our Lord and Savior so glad to be apart of what He is doing. God Bless