Saturday morning was by far my favorite part of the trip. We went into the surrounding village to hand out hygeine kits. My group had two translators so we split again and had three people in each group. My group had Randy, Greg, and myself (Chelsea). Randy took the first home and spoke to the ladies. Then we walked a little bit farther down the path to talk to two other women, which is where I volunteered to share. It was so scary and nerve-racking because I didn't know what to say and I would keep forgetting to pause so it can be translated. At the end I invited her to church. Then she said she had been waiting for God to come to her house and she said that she wanted to accept Christ right there. While we were praying it became very emotional for because it just really showed how much of an impact we really are making. While praying for the woman that came to Christ, another man was watching and asked for us to pray over him because he had a lot of sin in his life and he basically wanted to recommit his life to Christ. That was an awesome experience as well.  After that, we joined up with the rest of our group, Carolyn, Emily, Leticia, where we went and visited a beautiful children orphange. We walked to the back part where there was about a dozen girls singing Haitian songs, their singing was so beautiful and just past them, the ocean was right there. Once we left the orphanage, we visited the market. That was a very different expeience because there were so many people, stuff, and smells. After a brief trip to the market, we came back for lunch then headed out to the beach. The beach was beautiful and not like any in California. Then we came back for dinner and played some games as a team before heading off to bed.

Sunday morning we had church. IT was very different then any church service I have ever been too. There was so much beautiful singing throughout the service. Even though I didn't know what they were singing, I still sang my own song and you could feel the prescence of the Holy Spirit in that church. The Pastor/team leader from the Canada team that is here as well did the preaching this morning and they had a translator for the church. The church seemed engaged throughout the time. After the service, many people came up to the team to shake our hands and say hello. It was a really awesome experiece and I really enjoyed the service. Now we have the rest of the day to relax before its back to work projects and the Vacation Bible School we will be doing tomorrow.