Devotions are scheduled for 6am and 8pm and have been great. Last night we had our first night with live music. The whole team worshiped together with Emily and Greg as the leaders. To be able to come together as a team and be filled with the Lord's spirit is renewing and needed as we are surrounded by people in need. Being neighbors to the Haitians makes it so personal. This team is so grateful that we are representing God's love, and working hands-on in the large compound. We are all stepping up to do the Lord's work and are willing to step out of our comfort zone and jump in to help in any way we can. Haiti Arise ministries is doing great work and brings these people closer to God. 

After dinner yesterday the two teams went on a walk to the other side of the village. There are so many homes that are being held up by very few materials. They are friendly and love taking pictures. It is amazing to see how many people we encountered in such a small radius. And Lisa let us know that there are still more people that live in the mountains and have such dedication to still join them for church three times a week. Communicating with the Haitians is a struggle but we try our best and have picked up some phrases with great success. 

Today we worked on more projects. Carolyn, Chelsea, and Leticia finished working on the outhouses for the children of the school. They are now painted and ready to install the toilets and doors. Currently the children are having to take a long long walk from their classroom to use the restroom. These bathrooms will be a huge help as it will be around the corner from the school and they can miss less of their teachings this way. I (Leticia) got to jump in with the kids at the school during their free time on the playground. We played tag and jump rope and those kids have lots of energy! It was great to recognize the kids that we had walked with when we took a stroll through the village with Pastor Mark. Once the bell rang to go inside I was more than ready to take a break. The technical school was a huge progress. Considering we have to fill up buckets of concrete and then pass them up to the roof as they are working on the second floor now. That is a very different technique but the most modern one here in Haiti. Taking some breaks Emily, Leticia, Josh, Daniel played capture the flag, hide and go seek, and eagly eye with the kids. These kids always have time to play and we enjoy every second of it. We also made a game about picking up trash and recycling bottles. Haiti has just announced that they will start recycling. What great news!! I hope it helps to minimize the pollution in this country. We picked up lots of mangoes. You have to be very careful and not let them fall on your head. It is definitely the peak of the season for them and we have plentiful. I don't mind, I get to have one with each meal! We were hit with some strong sun today and got no rain. We are definitely coming together as a team and enjoy our meals together. The Haitian food is quite delicious! We are praising God for the opportunity to reach out to Haiti and are praying for him to be filling us up as we are preparing to minister to the community.