This post is by the women of the Link team as it was very much a woman's day today here in Haiti. We went to the market in Grand Goave in the morning and got a chance to tour the local hospital on our way back home. The tour was great we got to see three people who were admitted and receiving treatment. Karlee is a nurse and noticed the treatment the doctor was giving was a procedure that a nurse would do in Canada. Dawn thought it was fairly modern for a developing country, with various services such as Xray, Ultrasound, Endoscopy and Lab. The facilities were clean. She considered it a privilege to be able to tour the hospital. But the real fun began in the afternoon as we headed off to the beach for a women's retreat and wow! Do those ladies know how to have a good time! They were making jokes and doing more skits. It was great to see these Haitian women let loose a little! Tania's highlight was when about 20 of the men came out to the beach and, with each of them dressed in white aprons, they graciously served heaping helpings of a beautiful supper to each of the ladies. We even dined to music, as Daniel so graciously offered up his singing talents and serenaded us! In this culture, women are not so highly valued...but tonight, they could not help but feel their worth. The ladies were encouraged to think highly of themselves through the testimony of Delynne and a message of hope from Christine reminding them that they are God's treasures. The walk back to Haiti Arise was incredible, it had cooled down and a slight breeze was in the air. Greeting us when we arrived back home were 80, 60 pound rice bags needing to be repackaged. A daunting task. But with the grace of God, the other team jumped in and helped us out. The phrase "many hands make quick work" was never truer tonite. The night was made complete by some freshly popped popcorn courtesy of Rebecca. The day was busy but truly rewarding.

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