Dave Schock Saw Nesda to day . All traveling and connections very good .Mike says nesda pretty. Much better info than last year . Translater awsome. Good info down on paper. 

Cindy again.  We had a great morning at the clinic.  I am getting less busy because we have showed the Haitian workers/translators how to do some of what we do in reception.  They catch on fast and are eager to learn.  After lunch we went out in the community to meet some of the people and pray for them and invite them to church at Haiti Arise.  We saw & heard some sad stories but were encouraged to see the progress since last year.

We went to the beach this afternoon and really enjoyed the refreshing water and sunshine.  I should sleep good tonight but not till I beat the boys in "Up & Down The River".  I slept up on the roof last night and had the best sleep since I left.  I am sleeping up there again tonight and look forward to the full moon.  Hopefully it won't rain or be overcast.    Oh yeah!!  We had goat tonight for supper.  It was very tasty.  The meals here are very good.  They have wonderful cooks.  I was hoping to lose weight while here but not sure that will happen.