Vernon blogging...  Another warm day in Haiti. We are working on the children's village d an there is no shortage of sun.   There is no shade were we are working. The blocking of the foundation is going farliy well.  Our guys in the morning trucked over 500 blocks with the Haitians and  in the afternoon some of the boys started back filling with wheel barrel and shovel.  Some e of us are being shown how to lay blocks.  The bobcat is not workin so it all has to be done by hand.

Cindy blogging.  We hit the road running on Saturday when we arrived.  I am working with the medical team, so we had many bags to unpack and sort out.  Then we worked on setting up the new clinic with a pharmacy room, four clinic rooms, reception area, eye glasss station, foot care, B.P. & weight and even a doctors room for doing procedures.  We have seen about 120 people each day.  Some very sad sitations.  The doctor that came with us from Regina is such a caring, compassionate woman with a real servants heart.  

I miss not being about to work with my Moose Jaw boys, but am thankful that I'm not out in the hot sun doing hard, physical labor.  I do get to see them at meals and have beat them the last two nights at "Up & down the river."  (card game)  I am working the reception room with two teens whose mothers are here.  One is the doctors daughter who is almost 13 and is such a delight.  We also have 2 interpertors who are VERY helpful with the language barrier.

The weather has been very hot and humid.  I have a little bit of a sunburn, but hopefully by the time I get home, it'll be a nice tan.  We are going to the ocean tomorrow afternoon as we just have the clinic in the morning.  Looking forward to some R & R.  I'll talk again soon.                                         

Cindy is now linda because she is working  for a diffent team  she's been voted out  Yes it's hot but just like ahot day in the summer working on the farm and hauling bales.  Curtis,  Dave and Rick got the quota of 500 blocks this morning but got to shovel in the afternoon. Curtis has white hands and red arms just a little red.  team from mj  church service was great;  trust and obey was the message.  yes they they sing the song as well as us.  Mike is doing a great job with welding.  Jon is helping both Mike and the crew on the house    The house is much bigger than I thought it would be so we will not get it done by us  but a great gang that we have here  The guys helping us are strong and willing to work along side us or us with them.  Say hi to everyone at home and did Erika have a good basketball game tonight.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all our family at home