This is Vernon blogging.    Our lost bag finally made it today.   Steven and I  are very happy about that!   We started working on the children's home today. and it went really well.  The footings were poured, before we got here,  so we started on blocking the base for the floor.  We are going 30 inches above the footing to make it level.  We  almost got the back wall blocked today. All of the  blocks have to be brought to the site  because they are bigger blocks then the wall ones that they are making on-site.

Everyone is doing good but all think its very warm here.    Rick worked with four Haitian guys to bring the blocks to the site.    He had a great time getting to talk to them.  Of course language is a barrier.     Driving through the town and on the highway is crazy.   Port of Prince was an eye opener!  Wow!  The people are everywhere.    It was like sidewalk days on Friday,  but for 10 miles,  we drove like crazy down the narrow streets going the wrong side.  Elizabeth,  there are no stop signs,  no lights  and use your horn and go as slow or as fast as you can.  

Dave got tired or maybe he is saving his enegry but after lifting 700 blocks of cement and some of them  lifted  twice in 30 plus heat , takes its toll on the body.   Curtis  is taning very well.   Michael is welding.  Jon  is his helper.    Steven has the art of making a full brick into a 1\2  which is needed for the foundation  Cindy gets picked on by her friends.  She is doing a great job with the medical team  

We have a great team!      Lord here I am...  use us to benefit your kingdom!