Hello everyone!! After a number of days full of exciting things we've done I am blogging about our "work day". I hope it will be exciting for you all to read!! All kidding aside it was an amazing day. Dawn, Karlee, Christine, Daniel, Deylne and Leanne had by far the messiest job of the day. They sanded, primed and painted all the metal window and door jams. I'm was very impressed because they got way more paint on the frames then on themselves! Sean and Rod were stripping the 1st floor forms and hauling teleposts, hard sweaty work in this heat. Working along side Damon and Steve is an experience I won't soon forget. Pretty sure I laughed all day. Their relationship is amazing and wish every father and son could have a close relationship like theirs!! Rod and Daniel helped us pour the columns for the stair landing. We completed the small pour just before a breif rain shower. Randy was doing his picture and video but on a work day not very much exciting photo or video opportunities. Last but not least Tanya. I saved you last because it's your birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Tanya is doing amazing work with the kids down here. The church service last night was incredible. The passion and faith of the people here is something to be hold. I am truly amazed and blessed to see them sing, pray and receive the word of our Lord. I think Randy said it best, " you may not understand what they are saying but you know they have won". We miss all of you immensely and cannot wait to share our story and pictures with all of you.

God Bless Darryl