Hey everyone! Today was another fantastic hot day of hard work and fun in the sun. We awoke to the usual sound of hundreds of roosters that tend to crow continousuly all night and day! The day started off with the teams favorite big pancake breakfast! Darryl,Steve, Damen, Rod and I setup all the forms for the stairs foundation. Tomorrow morning we plan on pouring the pillars. We all have a great time working as a team and I can honestly say it has been so much fun getting to hang out,work and joke around with them. Sean has been busy preparing for his message on marriage for the local church on Sunday morning all day. The women were also busy preparing for the women's conference that is taking place this weekend, i am impressed with the hard working women on are team and their willingness to help with construction or wherever they are needed. Last on the team but definitely not the least is Randy Feere aka The Legend! He is the teams spirit lifter for sure. He is always there for a great joke, picture/video or just a song in the shower! It's has been a pleasure watching his video blogs daily and seeing some of his great pictures.



Hundreds of roosters Dan!? I've seen three. Well today was another amazing day in beautiful Haiti! Tonight we had the first day of our women's conference and I can honestly say I have never experienced a meeting like this one. Many of the Haitian women gave testimonies, sang songs, performed skits, and my personal favorite involved some Michael Jackson dancing. Awesome! Leanne and I had the opportunity to speak tonight and the women were really receptive when we prayed at the end. Please continue in prayer with us for these beautiful women.

Bonswa, karlee

Ps. Happy birthday to Tania!!!

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