Our day started off with our usual devotions in the dark....we are up at 630am Haiti time, which is 4:30 am AB time!   Even though its tough to drag ourselves out of bed that early....it has been an amazing way to start our day.   Breakfast was bread and MY favorite Haitian spicy scrambled eggs.....wish I could take some home with me!

After breakfast, we headed as a team to the market in Petit Goave.  Our main focus was  to experience a Haitian market and buy gifts for kids sponsored by the Link congregation member.  It was alot of fun to weave in and out of the market corridors looking for special gifts for our kids......and have our interpreter Franky show us the ropes and barter for us.

On our way home, we were able to stop at the Jean Joseph family home at Tapion!  This newly built home is very special to us.....as there are 5 children in this home that are sponsored by myself, Dawn Smith, Bruce & Marilyn Sparkes, and the Study family. The Jean Joseph family consist of a father, grandmother and 11 children who just lost their mother to cancer last May 2011.  Since the earthquake in Jan 2011 they were all living in a tent.   Their new home, that was just recently finished, was funded by the Link Church through our Each One Build One program.   It was emotional and exciting to see the home and the difference our church can make in this community and Haiti.  We as a team were able to pray with the family and bless them in their new home.   The heart breaking thing for us all was to see this beautiful new home.....yet they are unable to live in it due to the fact that they cannot even afford furniture or beds.  We walked away challenged on how we could continue to bless this family with furniture for their home.

Our afternoon consisted of our last VBS for the week.....and it was crazy! or maybe a better word is chaos!   We were full to the max with 200 children today.....and it was our most challenging day with them, just due to the numbers.  My prayer is that throughout our VBS this week the children learned how valuable and precious they are to Jesus....and to love their neighbors daily.

After VBS we were also given the amazing opportunity to go with Marc and see 2 more homes that Haiti Arise has built.....we were able to pray for these families and bless them in their new homes.   Again these opportunities remind me of how blessed I am and how thankful I should be for all that I have.

Continue to pray for us as a team.....for health and strength in the days to come....especially with the heavy work some of the guys are doing, and the work projects ahead involving the whole team.  Also keep the women on our team in your prayers as we prepare for the Women’s conference Friday night and Saturday afternoon!

We love and miss you all......hard to believe our time here is half way done! :( Love & Hugs Delynne