Bonjou from the Thorne Fanmi! Well, at least half of it! Our day started out with a bang, literally, as we had a tremor at about 2 am! By the time we figured out what it was, it was over, and thank goodness, because we are not big fans of tremors!! After breakfast, most of the Link team and many of the Haitian workers were involved in a huge cement pour as 25 yards of cement was laid on the tech roof...all by hand, hauled in buckets!! A few of the guys suffered some minor lime burns and ALL of the workers were fatigued and nearly dehydrated by the end of the morning! But much was accomplished by many hard working hands. The afternoon brought 182 smiling little faces into the compound for VBS and the fun began! There were more kids than yesterday and we expect even more tomorrow as the word travels that their are some crazy people from Canada that thought singing and playing games with kids when they can't even speak their language, was a good idea! Lol! Actually, VBS has run exceptionally smooth the last 2 days...after all, who can resist giving of themselves to these little ones who would be happy with nothing more than a smile or hug. On a personal note, as a family, we have been so blessed to meet and reunite with the kids we sponsor. We were able to show them pictures of themselves, taken on our trip here last year....and they cried! Needless to say, we did too. And we continue to count ourselves as blessed to be able to return to this beautiful country and help again with a ministry we are passionate about. And we are so grateful to see God's hand on the work that is being done in this place! We covet your prayers and can't wait to share our stories with you!

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