Last night we ate at the five star restaurant.  We will have pictures to share later.   You should have seen the washrooms.  Just the best ever;  prices were ok at 280 --  best place in town.

The time changed here today or yesterday.  Whatever,  we still got to go to work and have a great day. The plumbing is going in the house  and the  back fill needs 13 more loads.   1 more day in the sun.

We did a rice feeding. Ask Lindy or Cindy what she thought it was.   If you remember the cabbage patch doll  over a christmas season -- Chief pow wow loved it.  Curtis,  Mike,  John where the  people who protected the other members of the tribe.  Mobs no problem  

The days seem to go fast; the work is plentiful;  You never know what you are doing,  even when you start work.   Love it!