Sunday, March 11th.  Had a great service at church.  Gord from the medical team spoke and we had communion.  The wroship team was really good and we knew some of the songs and were able to sing along in english.  We were blessed during the service.  This afternoon most of us went to the beach for a swim.  Dave is conked out on the couch after a long snorkle.  Rick met some of the people on the beach that we evangelized to the other day.  Finished bagging the rice this afternoon and we are  going out to a restaurant tonight for supper.  Curtis says it's called the "The Goat & Coke" a five star restaurant I'm sure.  Rick says that Cindy was floating around on the water looking at the fish and was trying to get back on the Island.  The boys have been teasing me all week about leaving them with all the physical labor and going over to the medical team.  We have been playing our own version of Survivor and they are trying to vote me off the Island.  I have the immunity idol and also redemtion island so they are having a hard time getting rid of me. I also win most of the challenges.  The boys are really laughing at this and don't agree that I have won very many challenges.  Will sign off now and may write a little more after our restaurant experience.  

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