Today the Crossroads team headed back home, early morning.

This past week was one covered in a lot of prayer, cause there seemed to be a lot of spiritual attack coming on. There was a resistance with some of our work crews to get work done in a timely manner and tools were going "missing". On Tuesday, Wanchelow, one of our foremen, was injured in an accident with the Bobcat. That day, as soon as we got word, we gathered all the HAM staff, the Crossroads team and the work crews for prayer while Marc rushed him to the hospital. And today, after the team was taken to the airport, the van had an explosive tire blowout. There were other challenges happening too that we clearly recognized as attacks of the enemy. As we have broke through in prayer, we praise God for His answers. We met with the work crews to give them a pep talk and encouragement to pick up their pace. As a result today alone they did the work that could normally be done in three days! And some of the missing tools showed up. When we got the results of Wanchelow's leg injury, it was a miracle that his main artery was not punctured, he did not lose hardly ANY blood and he did not break his leg! And today, before the team left the campus, Chris felt prompted to pray for the team's safety to the airport. If the tire had blown with the van full of team members, the damage could have been extensive. It pays to pray!

So the Crossroads team is on their way home and we know they too had to faced many challenges throughout the week, most of them grappling with their first mission's experience. Their last day was the most dramatic of experiences for them, reaching out to the community. We planned a second rice distribution in a small community in Grand-Goave that has still been struggling with their living conditions. The community people had such gratitude expressed in their eyes and they received the rice orderly. The impact this experience had on the team was very powerful, seeing first hand the need and conditions of the community and being able to be the hands and feet of Jesus. They were a blessing to have with us and we are believing God to continue to work in their lives as they go back home.

They actually left a little part of them here in Haiti. One of the team members, Jim Bates, accepted invitation to stay two more weeks to help finish a few projects for the medical clinic. He is a welder and his wife, Delores, graciously allowed him to stay. We are blessed to have him with us for a little longer.

We have a break for a week until the next team of four men comes.