The team is getting well adjusted to Haitian culture and the drastic contrasts and having fun with it too. They got to go on a little trip to the local bakery, which is always an experience of stepping back in time of at least what seems like 100 years. Bread is baked in huge brick ovens, heated by fire and rolled out on a makeshift ringer that is constructed from PVC pipe and turned by hand to flatten out the dough. They then cut the shapes out into small circles, or rectangles, or in this case, the wonderful parrallelogram shapes that make perfect sandwich buns. Funny thing is, Haitians are masters at "it'll do", so if it works, they use it. Here is a photo of Mark Trail and Robert Moore, from CA, with their freshly baked buns. Hopefully, the bag's advertising is not an indication of the ingredients of the bread, cause they sure do taste good!

Robert and Mark about to enjoy their recent purchase!