The first week was a bit of a long haul with all the weather, internet and technology challenges. The internet is finally back up and functioning. Valerie and Angela, HFL Medical team leader, also found the source of the viruses being passed around and crashing computers. Those nasty bugs need an immunization. I don't think the medical team can assist with that one, but at least it's been found and the anti-virus software has been run on those computers that were not yet completely crashed. One computer was found to have 1334 viruses! That is one sick puppy! He was hardly getting out of bed, not wanting to run any programs but notepad, which is pretty limiting in this day and age, and considering we needed that computer for filing all the patient charts onto.

The HFL medical team seems to be fairing quite well, into their second week and getting to see lots of babies coming through the clinic. You can see their daily blog at: HFL Cranbrook Community Medical Team. They have lots of good pictures and news on the ins and outs of what's happening. We are so pleased and honored to have a dental hygenist on the team this time, which adds a new twist to our patients' visits. Cecile is actually Joe helps the team ladies across the rushing river.Haitian herself, has lived in the states for years, and can converse with the patients in French or Creole. That is a real advantage when working in someone's mouth, to not have to also have a translator peering in there too. :) We are also glad to have returning members- Jody, the two Angelas and Shonah. Seems they just can't get enough of Haiti. And it looks like Joe has even been able to help the team out, as they went out for a walk about to check the floodlines receed. Maybe he'll catch one of those available girls on the team. (heehee). Joe will be in Haiti as long-term staff for 6 months helping in the area of mechanics and possibly teaching some in the tech school too when it opens up in the new year again. We are blessed to have some great folks there now. Joe Park fitting right in to Haiti scenery.

Thanks for all your prayers during the Hurricane Sandy. Now it sounds like the east coast of the US and Canada need it, as it is really slamming there too. There was a LOT of flooding in Haiti in our area and Marc says there is cholera already being spotted, due to all the rains washing into drinking water sources. We are grateful that all of our wells are deep and clean. We also are getting ready to install clean water filters on all of the wells we have drilled to ensure the purest water possible to be available to our communities.

Well, that's all for now. Check out the other blogs to see what else is happening, and our latest newsletter, Haiti ARISE Fall News-2012.