Oct 23- Val wrote, "Oh boy, we're having quite the day. My computer fried this morning. Have been trying to get internet working on Howard's most of the morning (with Natcom USB) and have failed (even with help) Computer for clinic works with rocket flash power supply but does not open any programs --- not sure why it's corrupted.   Tried reloading the MS Office Suite that was in the bag (after trying to register the Serial # several time).   No success.   Camera works though.   Guess we'll have to use the Mac for the clinic until we get it figured out. Finally, decided to put the USB Internet stick in the clinic computer and it works so now this is the first email I've read.    I thought I could print it out .. but can't get the E120 printer in my office to work.     

Aaarrghh.... I think I should have never got up this morning."

Oct 25- Val wrote, "Marc left early this morning for Gonaives. Hopefully the trip will go well with all the rain.

We think it's a USB stick that has taken out our computers. We're on 3 and we're not counting anymore. Nothing is open in town because of all the rain. We need an ARK. Staff didn't show up today. Howard had to go get Geanne because we needed the pharmacy key.   We had the main clinic key. Team arrived safely and have been sorting to be ready if any patients come for clinic tomorrow."

Oct 26- Val wrote, "We need the extra prayers and grace. This morning we had to get someone to pick up Geanne again as we had no fuel for the generator. And to get fuel, we need money.   So while she was in, she prepared the Friday salaries as well as helped us with fuel money and got someone go to town to buy us some more NATCOM cards for the internet. So at least, we have some minutes to communicate with you.    We have not communicated with our families at all since Wednesday so we need to let them know that we are okay -- just soggy!

We haven't had city power since Wednesday early evening. We are not running the generator much -- just enough to charge the invertor batteries and then we shut off the generator.

We're hoping Marc's trip is okay as well --- there's been a LOT of rain. Not sure how he's going to get the Hino through some of those roads.  It's not very good in mud.

We will get you some pics as soon as we can.  Hopefully the sun will come out on the weekend, the roads will dry somewhat, and business can return to normal.   The road outside of the compound (where you turn left to go into town) is about knee deep!

Yes, the team arrived well.   They've been really good spirited with the rain and getting drenched several times per day. They have seen some patients but probably are only seeing about 40% of the tickets
that they sold. The local clinic staff deserve gold medals as they have been coming."