We had a great group of godly men with us for our Annual Pastors Conference last week- Pastor Ed Allan from Daystar Christian Assembly in Leduc, Alberta as well as Pastor Dan Cochrane, Dan Wilson and Kurtis Kroeker from Crossroads Church in Red Deer, Alberta. They were fantastic and inspiring speakers. We also now have Chris and Cathy Bergquist with us for 3 months to host teams, and help manage facilities and projects. You can follow their blog at: Chris & Cathy's Excellent Adventure. They both also spoke at the conference. The theme was Strategic Vision and everyone was strategically inspired!

Now we are preparing the facility and projects for two teams to arrive tomorrow from Kootenay Christian Fellowship in Nelson, BC and Prosser Community Church in Prosser, WA. We will have 20 people arriving tomorrow, including Roy and Olive Ralph who were here last year to help oversee the construction of the technical school. They will be staying for 5 months! I am excited about that one. We also have Keith Blain who arrived here on Saturday that will be doing electrical and plumbing installations on the technical school, getting it ready for the floors to be poured. The team will be planning to build homes in the community, help in the tech school construction and possibly with the medical clinic building metal doors and fencing. They will also be doing a baseball camp and after school kids program for our school students. It will be a fun time. My favorite part about it is to have Pastor Jim Reimer AND Roy Ralph here at the SAME TIME- these guys get real competitive playing cards together. It'll be fun. Follow along with us!