As you can see, the Nelson team has not had one chance to get a blog posted! But they have been a great team. The first couple days they worked hard on the EachONE BuildONE homes, getting two floors and a roof poured in three different homes. After that they started focusing on cleaning up the medical clinic and doing touch up painting. They also hauled all the medical boxes of supplies over from the residence building to the clinic to start getting it set up. A few of the guys are working on finishing an outdoor toilet near the clinic that is for the elementary school and a few of the other guys have been working with Keith Blain (who went back home to -30 C weather yesterday) and Roy Ralph on the technical school, getting electrical and plumbing lines laid. We made a mass purchase today of rebar, cement and sand for both the houses and the tech school. Money going out is a good thing! That means work is getting done!

You can still follow the Prosser Team's Blog. They have been diligently writing. Yesterday both teams started VBS for the kids, along with a baseball camp. Earlene from Prosser is clowning around with them, sharing the gospel through illustration. Lots of fun!