Hi everyone! I can't believe our trip is winding down..we're so excited about going home and seeing all of you, but it's really a bitter-sweet departure. I think that I'll always have a part of my heart reserved exclusively for Haiti and it's precious people. This experience has really allowed me to take a fresh look at my own spiritual walk and relationship with God and with others. The passion, courage, faith and determination of Haitians has inspired me deeply to follow Jesus with my whole being. I love you all and pray God's continued blessings on your lives. Tony and Dave are trying to improve the flow of electricity from the battery array. They cleaned all the copper connectors and are currently (no pun intended) trying to charge one battery that may be draining juice from all the others.

Joe has pulled the water pump pulley off the Bobcat. It was making a disturbing noise last night. Turns out the bearing is shot and the shaft is damaged. He is working now to repair the shaft and we hope that a replacement bearing can be found in Port au Prince. The machine is off line until the repair is complete. Update: he is on his way to PaP with Marc Eddy to source a replacement bearing.

Hope to see you soon.love & hugs XXOO