Hi All! Paul Here! (regular one, not Pastor). It has been almost one week since I have last checked in. The girls have been hogging the blogging, not giving us men a chance to share. Since the goat and tuna lasagna we had last night the girls are a bit weaker and easier to fight off! So here I am! In my last (and only) update, I shared with you about the animals and fruit trees I had seen. I am going to try to be a bit more serious this time around! We have now been here a week and we have settled in quite nicely. I am getting used to sweating constantly night and day and making Gold Bond a part of my morning routine! ;P We have had many chances to get outside the compound and see a little bit of Haiti as well as experience life in the compound. For the past week the men's main focus has been on helping construct the wall around the other piece of land that Haiti Arise has purchased. We have had many obstacles in constructing the wall but God has been very faithful in removing them for us and allowing us to move forward. When not able to work on the wall or in other spare time the men have kept as busy as possible. On Friday we had the opportunity to help the ladies out with the VBS. There were approx 250 kids there, and another 50 kids outside the compound walls wanting in. It was so refreshing to see the kids here so full of joy and excited for the things of God. I had the job of blowing bubbles for the boys ages 2-7, little did I know the madness that would result of such a job! Rugby may have been a less physical activity for these children!! There were limbs flying in every direction and bodies colliding at an alarming rate trying to destroy every bubble as quickly as possible. The ladies did a wonderful job the whole 3 days with VBS and the men gained a whole new respect for them after just one afternoon of the madness! On Saturday we worked for the morning and then had the opportunity to head to beach for the afternoon for a well deserved break! Everyone took advantage of the ocean to cool off. Even though the water was like sitting in a hot bath, it was a much preferred alternative to standing in a pool of our own sweat! Yesterday we had the opportunity to go to church. Pastor Paul was the guest speaker and did a fabulous job! The worship was absolutely amazing! I just closed my eyes and all I could hear was everyone in the church praising God with all they had. It was so powerful. I was seated near the back (so we got a bit more of a breeze!) and had children seated all around me. During the time of worship, two 5-7 year old kids, seated directly in front of me, were worshipping God with all they had! So cool! Haiti has a bright future as God keeps doing what He is in this nation. Sunday afternoon was another time to rest and relax, however we did have the chance to attend a children's church program outside the compound up in the hills. What a view! Haiti is an absolutely beautiful country! Many of us shared our testimonies with the children and they were well received. It is so awesome to see what God is doing in the young people of this country! Having an awesome time! Now, I am going to go back to helping (watching) Joe fix anything and everything that has a motor until we are able to get back to working on the wall! Talk to you all soon!