Finished another great day.

This morning, two ladies, Irene and Michelle, helped out with the adult English class. During that time (about 7:45) the rest of us (10) headed off to work on the wall. For the first time the girls had a chance to see what the men have really been up to all week!! They really helped out with the, not the laundry, but by gathering stones to put in the post holes when the posts are being set in place. Each post hole is either dug by hand if the ground is stony, or is created using the auger on the Bobcat. Each hole is 3 feet across and about three feet deep. Once the posts are set in place using a level, stones are tamped in place to maintain the position until concrete can be poured into the hole. Once cured, the concrete holds each post in place extremely firmly (that's the idea)!

The balance of today's blog has been drafted by Michelle:

Hey everyone!

Well, it's definitely an adventure so far! J

Today was so much fun. I got a chance to help teach an adult English class. Irene & I thought we were "just helping", but as we've learned in Haiti everything is subject to change and that combined with the fact that we are white, native English speaking ladies, we ended up teaching almost the entire class on our own! (with the help of an interpreter - since the students are still learning a lot). We had a grammar lesson, which Irene was amazing at teaching. And then Irene shared about how God gives us good gifts and we got each student to tell us what gifts they have. Everything was mentioned from "I am a good cook" to "I am a good teacher". the students loved it! There were 10 of them in the class, by the way.

Then I got to tell them a little bit about my family, so I shared about how my sister lives in China and that brought up a ton of questions about the far east. J I also got to encourage them in continuing to learn English. In case you don't know this about me, I used to dream about teaching English in a foreign country, so this was just a small way that God was able to fulfill one of the dreams in my life.

This has been a continuing pattern throughout my life since I started giving things up to God - dreams like crazy!

This afternoon our team was rewarded for all our hard work (hey, don't think we're just on vacation down here folks! 240 children in VBS can get a little crazy. just sayin.), so Pastor Mark took us to a beautiful beach/inn/restaurant. We had sea-food - yeah like the real stuff! My fish was literally looking at me as I ate it.

We swam in the Caribbean ocean, relaxed under palm trees, etc.

And again, God reminded me of His faithfulness by fulfilling a dream of mine as beaches & palm trees are my favorite things in the world.

Another favorite is stars. but I should sign off and tell you about that when I get home. J

Love you all!!

- Michelle