Heat. As in hot. Steaming hot. And that's just the amazing dinner we had tonight!! Ever had Haitian hot sauce on your fish? It's a killer!!!

 Seriously, it's hot. I mean unbelievably hot. Beads of perspiration are forming on my perspiration!!

 Just finished an amazing team devotional led by Rachel Jensen. Her honesty and passion for what God is doing in her life set the table for several others to share from their hearts tonight. This team is really working well together naturally and spiritually.


 VBS: last day today. We anticipated well over 200 kids today and were not disappointed. In faith we had pulled the guys off the wall construction to help out. Good thing we did! We turned away over 40 kids at the gate, so three of us grabbed soccer balls and walked them down to the wall property to play soccer! Tony was in goal ( and let in a soft one on was boys against the girls) and Pastor Paul cruised the wing looking to set up the striker(s). Had an amazing time playing soccer in 33 degree weather with a brutal humidex (felt like 45).


The wall: progress, progress, progress. The wall is built around the contentious corner (one pastor Mark has been waiting for for two years). On the south end of the property we have completed the long wall! Tomorrow all of us are going to work on the wall until 11;30, when pastor Mark takes us to the beach!!


Jesus is alive and well in this fascinating country. All of us have a sense of anticipation that God is going to do great things in and through the Haitian people. Amen!!


Talk to you tomorrow,

 The Harriston team

What a day!!



We enjoyed our third full day in this amazing place. It’is full of green, lush vegetation, warm friendly people, and, unfortunately, needs on every hand and around every corner. So much potential that remains unrealized. The dirt here can grow anything.…Last night Pastor Mark cut open a coconut that had been growing 20 feet outside our front door. Several of our team members enjoyed that…fresh off the tree! Tonight we had beef served with a mild jalapeño gravy over rice, with cabbage and peas. The beverage of choice was fresh squeezed and chilled limeade-unbelievable. Before dinner we attended the 5:00 prayer and praise service. It was a great end to the day…worshipping with our Haitian brothers and sisters, all calling out to the Lord from our hearts. So appreciated the presence of the Lord there tonight.

 The guys made great progress on the wall today; we completed the section taking the wall past one of the loudest detractors of the project…we have been praying for peace with those opposed, and today God did a miracle! Just past the house itself (the wall runs parallel to their property line) we were digging another post hole using the bobcat fit with an auger, and we hit a huge stump. It had to be removed by hand, and several of the team ( Canadians and Haitians alike) took turns chopping away at the stump and its roots. I noticed one worker who was working very hard, and it turns out that man owned the house we were opposite. He was the one who had given Haiti arise a lot of difficulty. But here he was working alongside of us to complete that section of wall!! What a difference prayer makes.


VBS was a resounding success this morning; over 200 kids came. Tomorrow we are expecting many more to show up so we have made arrangements for the men to work on the wall in the morning and help with VBS at 2:00!! Pray for us!!


Everyone on the team is in good health; Doug had another migraine this morning but is feeling fine now. Two ongoing prayer requests…--even Pastor Mark says it's hot. We are slowly adjusting; please pray for us as we adjust to the heat. Second, we are asking for continued great health for the entire team.


We have a team meeting in 15 minutes on the roof under the stars…..what a show!! God's handiwork is amazing!


We will blog again tomorrow.


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